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Lawyer, Law office of Me Aboubcar Sidiki Coulibaly, Civil lawyer, commercial lawyer, immigration lawyer, family lawyer, contract lawyer, divorce lawyer

Me Aboubacar Sidiki Coulibaly

Lawyer, ASC Avocat, law office, business lawyer, family lawyer, immigration lawyer, civil lawyer, transaction lawyer, contract lawyer, divorce lawyer

ASC Lawyer

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ASC Lawyer Montreal, Laval, et Longueuil Multi-Services

Law firm for legal services at a reasonable rate that gets results. ASC Lawyer Montreal, Laval, et Longueuil represents clients in business law, civil law, transactional law, immigration law, family law and penal business law before provincial and federal courts.

ASC Lawyer generally practices in the greater Montreal, Laval, and Longueuil metropolitan areas. In addition, ASC Avocat intervenes in cross-border transactions to advise and represent Canadian or African companies in North America or Africa.

The scope of our expertise allows us to serve the present and future legal needs of our clients. We consider ourselves true partners in this process, and we are passionate about accompanying you through every step of the legal system.

About Me Coulibaly

A highly determined, confident and dedicated lawyer with a strong sense of values, a passion for truth and a thirst for justice. Me Coulibaly offers a personalized service according to the needs of each client, and this, with fair and reasonable fees. He intervenes in civil and commercial litigation, family law, immigration law, business law and international transactions as well as in business penal litigation.

Me Coulibaly completed his legal studies at the Quebec Bar School, the University of Montreal, the University of North Carolina at Charlotte (USA), and the Faculty of Legal Sciences (Mali).

Passionate about computers, Me Coulibaly also graduated from Harvard University with a professional certificate in computer science.

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